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Protecting the minimum wage and the will of the people in 2014
by State Rep. Jon Carpenter, 15th District

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Will Talbert, Publisher
Is Missouri a RED state?

I was reading the Kansas City Star opinion page over breakfast the other day, enjoying columnist Steve Kraske’s current take on Missouri politics. His column from Feb. 14th “More Bad Dreams For the GOP.” described the growing field of GOP candidates vying for their party’s nomination and therefore the privilege to run for Governor against (and be electorally flogged by) our Democrat Attorney General Chris Koster in the 2016 general election. Mr. Kraske lamented the fact that, once again, Republicans will spend their fortunes exploiting each others’ weaknesses, spouting asinine sound bites, and dutifully playing their roles in the biennial spectacle of self-destruction that is the Republican primary. | Read more


Nixon Appoints Owens To Bench
We would like to extend a hearty congratulations to one time Democrat candidate for State Rep. James Owens for being appointed to Associate Circuit Judge for Webster County, Missouri.

A Case For Less Boredom In Dem Club Meetings
Will Talbert
We had our first meeting of the new "re-organized" Ray County Democrats Club on a cold February night at our new golf course venue.


Why The Three Biggest Economic Lessons Were Forgotten
Robert Reich
Why has America forgotten the three most important economic lessons we learned in the thirty years following World War II?

Research Shows Voter Fraud Not a Problem
Mitch Muder
2014, an election year. What will it take to win?

"Right To Work"
Kevin O'Neill, Publisher, The Greater Kansas City Labor Beacon Newspaper
If you are in organized labor you have probably heard the expression Right-To-Work before. The old timers will tell you about the fight in 1978 and how labor overcame large corporate spending and defeated Right-To-Work (RTW) in Missouri.

A Republican's Take On Right To Work
Eric Woods
The "Right to Work" issue has been a heavy topic of discussion in Missouri as of late. The essential issue at stake is whether or not employees can be forced to join a union...

Nullification Nonsense Again and Again and Again!
Justin Mohn
The last few year have not seen as abundance of legislative or judical victories for the national GOP and the Tea Party.

A Poetic Tribute to MO State Rep. Ron Casey, 1952-2014
State Rep. Jeff Roorda
Casey At The Mic


New Mailbox in 2014!
Lowell Rott, Higbee, MO
The U.S. mail still delivers six days a week and brings "day brighteners" like The Heartland Democrat on a regular basis.

MO G.O.P. to Nixon, "Do WHAT we want, WHEN we want or we will IMPEACH YOU..."
Jim Lullie, Kearney, MO
I can't think of anything more frustrating than trying to apply common sense to the impeachment movement brought up by the right wing crazies in the state legislature ... but as a confirmed masochist I'm going to give it a shot.

Republicans Lack Morality in Sink Campaign For Congress in Florida
Suzanne Conaway
I keep reading about more and more dirty tricks from the GOP. Lately, they've started setting up phony websites that look like places to contribute to Democratic candidates, but instead the money goes to the Republicans.

Boxing Us into Poor Job Prospects
Jim Hightower
You know what America needs? More jobs, that's what. Not Walmart-style "jobettes," but real jobs.
We need more stable employment with a good salary and benefits, union jobs so workers have a say in what goes on, and jobs that have strong protections against discrimination.

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