Issue Feature

Missouri Amendment Could Hurt Family Farms
by Richard R. Oswald

Issue Feature

1,000 Miles
in Missouri

by U.S. Senator
Claire McCaskill


Will Talbert
A Lesson From The Barnyard
Three reasons why Democrats should not leave a single race uncontested.

The final day for candidates to file for public office in Missouri has come and gone, and we at the Heartland Democrat were sadly frustrated when we looked at the final numbers. 55 Missouri House Districts will go unopposed to Republicans. Really? | Read more


McCutcheon, and the Vicious Cycle of Concentrated Wealth and Political Power
Robert Reich
If wealth and income weren’t already so concentrated in the hands of a few, the shameful “McCutcheon” decision by the five Republican appointees to the Supreme Court wouldn’t be as dangerous.

Changing Our Climate Of Indifference
Jill Richardson
A new scientific report predicts more dire and irreversible consequences of the climate crisis than ever before.

The Power Politics Behind a Long, Gilded Life
Sam Pizzigati
Let us pause now to pay our respects to Bunny Mellon. She died in mid-March on her Virginia horse-country estate.

Climite Change is Reality ... FULL STOP!
Justin Mohn
Let us pause now to pay our respects to Bunny Mellon. She died in mid-March on her Virginia horse-country estate.


The Worker's Game of Life, puzzles, crossword and political cartoons | Click here


How Red is Kansas?
Eric Woods
As Will Talbert tells us, it is true that Missouri is a "purple state."

"Right To Work" in Missouri
State Rep. Judy Morgan (D-41)
We’d been hearing that the vote on the Right to Work bill (HB 1770) would come up on Wednesday, April 9.

"Common Core"
John Shaughnessy
Having worked for a major corporation, I have spent a lot of time walking around company buildings, campuses, clients’ buildings and competitors’ facilities.

"Common Core" Debate Forges Rare Alliances
Will Talbert
Diane Ravitch, liberal education historian and author of the fantastic book Reign Of Error, is the last person you would expect to take sides with conservative Tea Partiers and die hard state’s rights activists.

Democrat Dan Dildine declares for State Representative in 41st District
Dan Dildine, retired circuit judge for Lincoln and Pike Counties, has announced that he will seek the office of State Representative of the 41st District.

Schieffer for Senate in Missouri's 10th District
Rep. Ed Schieffer, of Troy, is seeking to be the 10th district senator for Missouri.


Update from Ray County Democrats Club
After several years of agonizingly small meetings and weak fundraising efforts, the Ray County Democrats Club has decided to “go dark”.


Same Sex Marriage
Jim Lullie, Kearney, MO
One of the most notable injustices of the 20th century occurred in the state of Virginia in 1958 at the home of a couple who had recently married.

Talkin' Bout My Generation
Eric Woods, resident Republican
Writing as the Heartland Democrat’s token Republican, I am sure that I often surprise readers by espousing some views that may be considered atypical for members of my party.


Hypocrisy and the Church's Future
Jan Linn |

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